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BACH Weekly Newsletter - Through Appreciation Comes Vision

11/09/2017 06:01:50 PM


BACH Weekly Newsletter

From the Desk of Rabbi Greene

The Talmud teaches us that three things broaden a person's perspective: - "a beautiful house, beautiful possessions, and a beautiful spouse" (Brachos 57b). If a person is capable of seeing the beauty and blessings around him, he will be aroused to see the gifts Hashem is constantly providing us.

Throughout most of the narrative of Avraham, Hashem is continually in communication with him. However, after the death of his wife in this week's Torah portion, we no longer see God communicating with Abraham.

The loss of the love of his life provoked a profound sadness, resulting in his inability to invoke prophecy.

Interestingly, when his son, Isaac, married Rivka "and loved her" (Gen. 24:67), all the blessings that Sarah had brought to Abraham came back into the world through Rivka.

The lesson to be learned is that to the extent a person sees, appreciates and loves the beauty around him, he will be blessed to see the Divine in his life.

Good Shabbos


BACH shabbat sCHEDULE 
PARSHAT chayei sarah
nov 10 - 12
cheshvan 21 - 23


Friday, November 10 - 21 Cheshvan


6:15am Shacharit


4:23pm Candlelighting


4:30pm Mincha & Kabbalat Shabbat


Saturday November 11- 22 Cheshvan
Teen Shabbaton


9am  Shacharit and PDZ Club 


10am Babysitting for children ages 1 to 3 


10:30am Pray 'N Play with Ilana


 Kiddush is sponsored by Saul & Yaffa Jakubowitz in honor of the yahrtzeit of Yaffa's mother Aliza Halali A"H and in honor of Saul receiving Chattan Breishit.















3:30pm  Oneg @ YILB 

** note earlier time and location


4:25pm Mincha @ BACH followed by Shalosh Seudot. 

5:23pm Maariv @ the BACH and Shabbat Ends


Sunday November 12 - 23 Cheshvan


8:30am Shacharit followed by Lox n Learning




Mazal Tov Marc Rosenberg & Jaclyn Rabson on their wedding this past Sunday


Mazal Tov Councilwoman Chumi Diamond on her re election to the Long Beach City Council

Mazal Tov to the YILB Dinner Honorees - Michele & Yechezkel Brucker, Rebecca & Michael Lazar, Frada & Elliot Pasik

What's Going On At The BACH

bach youth department update
for all things youth! 
programming for ages 4 - 17

Our Youth Department always has so much going on - so here's an update on fun for all ages at the BACH!

CHILDREN AGES 4 TO 12 - this week's Pray n Play is going to be a ton of fun!  We will journey to Israel BLINDFOLDED, play parsha charades,  and fun Jewish name games.  As always there will be yummy snacks and BACH Bucks to boot! 


Please note: Oneg this week will be at 3:30pm at YILB - Shabbat is starting early and the day is shorter - but still just as fun! 


 TEENS  8TH - 12 GRADERS - The first teen shabbaton of 5778 is going to be amazing we can't wait! THIS shabbat!!


lbje saturday night live next saturday november 18th

Hot soup ~ Tasty Appetizers ~ Whiskey & Wine ~

Torah Wisdom ~ A Night Out WIth Friends


Join Us Next Saturday Night November 18th

7:30pm @ the home of Miriam & Brad Herman

321 Niles St. Oceanside, NY 


Join Us Bi Monthly for an evening of food, cocktails, music, and insights

These programs will be hosted in people's homes and will be a more intimate and casual version of our LBJE services all at no cost!


Thank you to this month's sponsors


Mike Hyman in memory of his mother

Sharon Hyman, Shayna Chaya Bat Shia


Shari & Irv Miljoner in memory of their son

David Joseph Miljoner, Davide Ben Yitzchak


and our hosts Miriam & Brad Herman


Let us know if you will join by clicking here

Upcoming Programs & Community Events

schedule of learning programs 

Tuesday nights -


TLT is BACK - join David Kintzer and others for Teens Learning Torah on Tuesdays with homework help, learning review, and of course pizza !!8pm @ the BACH 


Wednesday Nights -


Scotch & Skills - Inroads to Gemara with Rabbi Greene @ 8:15 at the BACH 


Ladies Learning with guest lecturer Vivienne Chaya Frank @ 8:30pm at the home of Alissa & Steve Grill **note classes will resume Wed. November 29th


Saturday Nights - 


Lev Avos Lev Banim @ YILB - 1 hour after Shabbat ends

long beach shabbos project continues
last chance to join 

Join us NEXT Friday night,  November 17th as we continue the celebration of the Shabbos Project together at the Young Israel of Long Beach and enjoy a beautiful Friday night dinner.


5:30pm ~ $25 per adult $13 per child 

To RSVP Contact Ilana Austin -

Tue, February 18 2020 23 Shevat 5780