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BACH Weekly Newsletter - Even The Pillow From Beneath The Head

11/02/2017 09:27:27 PM


BACH Weekly Newsletter

From the Desk of Rabbi Greene

A major problem facing families committed to Jewish education for their children is rising tuition costs. For many, the financial strain is overwhelming.


But we must be steadfast. There is no bigger priority for a parent than to invest in their children’s spiritual welfare. And a good Jewish education is the tool to ensure our success in this area. When the thoughts of compromising the primacy of this mission enter our minds, we should remember the lesson we learn from Hagar when she and her child, Yishmael, ran out of water in the desert. The verse states;


And the water finished from the flask, and she cast the child under one of the shrubs (21:15).


R’ Tronk of Kutno extrapolated: When parents are doing well financially, they give their children the best education. When the money begins to get tight, the children’s education suffers. That was Hagar’s approach. “When the water ran out, she cast her child aside.” That, however is not the way a Jew should act.


As my Rebbe, Rabbi Shlomo Freifeld, would often say: “One must be willing to sell the pillow from beneath their head to ensure the best Jewish education for their children.


BACH shabbat sCHEDULE 
PARSHAT vayeira
november 3 - 5
14 -16 cheshvan


Friday, November 3 - 14 Cheshvan


6:15am Shacharit


5:30pm Candlelighting


5:35pm Mincha & Kabbalat Shabbat


Saturday November 4 - 15 Cheshvan

9am  Shacharit and PDZ Club 


10am Babysitting for children ages 1 to 3 


10:30am Pray 'N Play with Ilana featuring Parsha  FUN - Salt statue freeze tag, and building Avraham & Sarah's tent! 


 Kiddush is sponsored by Leon Fischer in honor of the engagement of his daughter Miryam to Naftali Ginsburg and for the yahrtzeit of his father, Benyamin ben Dovid













4:30pm  Oneg @ BACH followed by Kids Shalosh Seudot for kids aged 6 - 12


Reminder: ** please note that in the fall and winter months ladies shabbat shiur will meet only on Shabbat Mevorchim Hachodesh.


5:20pm Mincha @ BACH followed by Shalosh Seudot. 

6:35pm Maariv @ the BACH and Shabbat Ends


7:35pm Lev Avos Lev Banim @ YILB




Sunday November 5 - 16 Cheshvan


8:30am Shacharit followed by Lox n Learning




What's Going On At The BACH

challah bake #kneadingittogether

Last night, the Sands Atlantic Beach was filled with the chatter and laughter of over 1300 women from all over Long Island who joined together again for the Great Challah Bake.  The BACH tables with over 45 women from our community and beyond were abuzz with excitement and an amazing evening was shared by all.  Special thank you to Rina Hirsch for volunteering to be a challah captain and helping at the event! 

bach youth department update
for all things youth! 
programming for ages 4 - 17

Our Youth Department always has so much going on - so here's an update on fun for all ages at the BACH!

CHILDREN AGES 4 TO 12 - this week's Pray n Play is going to be a ton of fun!  We will play salt statue freeze tag, parsha jeopardy, and build Avraham and Sarah's tent!  As always there will be yummy snacks and BACH Bucks to boot! 


Kids Oneg & Shalosh Seudot - calling all kids aged 6 and up! Join us for oneg at the BACH followed by KIDS ONLY SHALOSH SEUDOT!!! ** PARENTS - bring your kids to the BACH @ 4:30 and pick them up at Maariv/6:35pm


 TEENS  8TH - 12 GRADERS - TLT continues to rock! Last weeks Teen Shalosh Seudot was rockin too - plans are underway for our teen shabbaton NEXT shabbat! GET PUMPED! 




Join Us Next Saturday Night November 18th

7:30pm @ the home of Miriam & Brad Herman

321 Niles St. Oceanside, NY 


Join Us Bi Monthly for an evening of food, cocktails, music, and insights

These programs will be hosted in people's homes and will be a more intimate and casual version of our LBJE services all at no cost!


Thank you to this month's sponsors


Mike Hyman in memory of his mother

Sharon Hyman, Shayna Chaya Bat Shia


Shari & Irv Miljoner in memory of their son

David Joseph Miljoner, Davide Ben Yitzchak


Alex & Michelle Rubin in memory of Alex's brother

Ira Rubin, Yitzchok Eliezer Ben Pinchus


and our hosts Miriam & Brad Herman


Let us know if you will join by clicking here

Upcoming Programs & Community Events

schedule of learning programs 

Tuesday nights -


TLT is BACK - join David Kintzer and others for Teens Learning Torah on Tuesdays with homework help, learning review, and of course pizza !! 8pm @ the BACH 


Wednesday Nights -


Scotch & Skills - Inroads to Gemara with Rabbi Greene @ 8:15 at the BACH 


Ladies Learning with guest lecturer Vivienne Chaya Frank @ 8:30pm at the home of Alissa & Steve Grill **note no class next week due to the Challah Bake


Saturday Nights - 


Lev Avos Lev Banim @ YILB starting THIS Saturday night, 1 hour after shabbat ends

long beach shabbos project continues
rsvp for community dinner on nov 17th

Join us on Friday night,  November 17th as we continue the celebration of the Shabbos Project together at the Young Israel of Long Beach and enjoy a beautiful Friday night dinner.


5:30pm ~ $25 per adult $13 per child 

To RSVP Contact Ilana Austin -

or visit

Tue, February 18 2020 23 Shevat 5780