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Bachurei Chemed - BACH Jewish Center is fortunate to host many visitors. In addition to our coveted location on Long Beach's historic and centrally placed Edwards Blvd, our community is a destination for Jews and vacationers alike.  In order to make your visit easier, we are pleased to provide the following information.


Kosher Establishments


Shop Glatt Mart: 516-897-8657, 172 E Park Ave. (and corner of Long Beach Rd.)
Strictly Glatt Kosher Butcher with plenty of prepared and unprepared traditional AND tasty Jewish foods. 

Life's A Bagel: 516-889-8470, 76 W Park Ave.

Dunkin Donuts: 1070 W Beech Street Long Beach - this location ONLY

Country Boy Bakery: 256 East Park Avenue 516-889-7295

• Ah-sah-ee Cafe: 232 West Park Avenue 516-665-3000


Shabbat Hospitality

For Shabbat home hospitality within walking distance of the Shul, please email us at For a Shabbat meal with one of our families, you can also contact the above email address or reach the office at 516-897-2473.  We are always open to guests and visitors, and would love to help make Long  Beach your "home" even if only for a Shabbat!


• Lodging: The Long Beach Hotel(inside Eruv), 516-544-4444, 405 E Broadway** mention BACH Corp Rate

 Allegria Hotel (inside Eruv) 80 W Broadway , 516-889-1300 ** mention BACH Corp  Rate

• Eruv: An Eruv encompasses the wider community, for a full map contact the office directly 516-897-2473 or

• Mikvah: The men's, women's and keilim mikvah is located at 280 E Penn Street (corner of Monroe) and is open daily.  For women's mikvah times call (516) 897-4665

Our City By the Sea

The City of Long Beach is always full of activity for children and adults of all ages. Visit for what is going on lately!


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