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About Us

Bachurei Chemed - BACH Jewish Center is an independent non-profit organization which is dedicated to serving the communities of Long Beach, Lido, Atlantic Beach and Island Park.   

Found in 1946 by Simon Solomon, the BACH is motivated by a profound love for every Jew with an innovative array of educational and outreach programs, and spiritual, religious and social services to serve Jews from all walks of life.

Bachurei Chemed, which means "Selected Youth" epitomizes what our organization represents.  With its unique focus on children, the BACH’s vibrant youth movement provides a nurturing place for youth to grow, embrace our rich Jewish heritage and gain the skills and self-confidence they need to become leaders of both the Jewish community and society at large.  

Our mandate is to serve all Jews with a personalized Jewish experience, regardless of background, belief, or level of commitment.

Now, as always,  Bachurei Chemed - BACH Jewish Center is your home.



Rabbi Moshe Greene

Jessica Cutter
Director of Operations

Ilana & David Kintzer
Youth Directors

Azi Cutter
Outreach Program Coordinator

Rabbi Aryeh Smith
Assistant Outreach Program Coordinator


Fri, December 14 2018 6 Tevet 5779