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Youth Tallit Project @ the BACH

Honor your children and grandchildren by having their names embroidered on this special Talit, donated by Howie Lebowitz in memory of his father, Malcolm Lebowitz, Elimelech ben Yerucham Fischel Nussin, A"H.

The Talit  will be used on Simchat Torah when the children are called up for Kol HaNearim, their special Torah Aliyah. 

Donation per name is $100.00.

Click HERE to donate to this beautiful new project

Join the following families who are already participating:

B. Adler - 2 names
A. Adler -1 name
Feierman - 2 names
Gruenstein - 4 names
B. Haberman - 4 names
Heller - 2 names
Miriam Hirsch- 2 names
S.Jakubowitz - 3 names
Y. Jakubowitz - 2 names
Janov - 1 name
Maza - 1 name
P. Moskowitz - 2 names
Strassman - 3 names
Zoldan - 1 name


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Wed, December 19 2018 11 Tevet 5779