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As we enter the new year 5777, we'd love for YOUR FAMILY to become part of OUR FAMILY. All memberships include PREFERENTIAL High Holiday seating at the BACH or LBJE services.

This year, we at the BACH are entering the New Year with renewed excitement and growth.  We are thrilled to welcome our new Rabbi, Rabbi Moshe Greene, who brings tremendous warmth, energy and spirit to our community. Additionally, we are deeply grateful to all our dedicated members, old and new, who give so much of their time and expertise to help the BACH community thrive.
We welcome you to join our flourishing community by becoming an Associate Member.  By becoming part of our Associate Member community, you will become an integral part of the BACH, helping to support the plethora of BACH activities for young and old, and contributing to an organization that serves you and your family with all its Jewish needs.  Please also consider volunteering your time - we need you and welcome your input and support. 
Finally, we are delighted to once again offer two streams of High Holiday services to meet the growing needs of our community. We will be continuing our traditional service in the BACH's main sanctuary with a bouquet of inspiring tunes and insightful explanations led by Rabbi Greene and our sensational Cantors. Additionally, we will be celebrating the 8th year of our explanatory services, led by our beloved Azi Cutter, which will be held this year at the Long Beach Hotel. Throughout the year, and especially during the High Holidays, our services and programs are youth and family oriented, and are led by our friendly, talented and dynamic staff. 
We encourage you to join our Associate Membership program, to provide yourself and your family with the opportunity to connect to your Jewish roots, and to become part of a thriving Jewish community.  Please help support the BACH in its mission to serve all Jews with a personalized Jewish experience, regardless of background, belief, or level of commitment.
We look forward to celebrating the New Year together. 
Best wishes for a happy and healthy New Year!

All membership donations are TAX DEDUCTIBLE and payments may be made in full or split up into installments, made on a credit card and withdrawn on the first of every month.

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(Includes 4 seats)

(Includes 4 seats)

(Includes 4 seats)

(Includes 2 adult & 2 youth seats)

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Please reference the above Associate Membership levels and the # of seats they come with

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please call the bach office at 516-897-2473, for any assistance or questions about membership


Associate Memberships are an affiliation with the BACH Jewish Center and all of it's outreach projects, activities, use of facilities for life cycle events and holiday seating, but does not afford the Associate Member with voting privileges on Synagogue business, as outlined in the Synagogue's By Laws. To apply for full membership please contact the BACH office.

Sat, August 19 2017 27 Av 5777